Here are some of the best discounts and deals on kitchenware and cooking appliances on the internet today.

By Danica Lo
Updated May 18, 2017
Every kitchen needs good tools.
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If you're in the market for a chef's knife, check out our guide to best chef knives—and then consider your options carefully. Today, Amazon's best-selling chef knife, the LauKingdom Premium Class Chefs Knife

, which comes complete with a knife sharpener all packaged in a ready-to-gift box, is on sale for $12.99 (discounted from $69.99).

Planning on sipping champagne outdoors this summer, but worried you'll break your beautiful stemware? This set of Premium Quality Plastic Champagne Flutes

comes in a set of 12 and is on sale today for $16.99.

Here's a clever, expandable, and stackable wine storage solution for anyone who doesn't have tons of space at home and prefers to store things vertically. The Premium Black Plastic Stackable Wine Rack

comes in a pack of 10 and is on sale today for $15.99 (down from $21.99).

If you have lots of drawers in your kitchen and are looking to save countertop storage space (or just don't like the way things-on-your-countertop looks), this KD Organizers 12-Slot Angled Kitchen Drawer Spice Rack

can help you keep your spice jars and other doodads organized inside a drawer. It's on sale today for $12.77 (down from $20.99).

These are probably some of the prettiest cupcake liners we've ever seen. The Aiyaya Cupcake Paper Cup Liner

comes in a filagree cutout pattern and lots of different colors. For a very limited time this morning, the set is on sale for $7.89 (down from $11.99).

If you follow us on Instagram, you'll know that here at Food & Wine, we love cheese boards—and we hope you do, too! Want to recreate a people-pleasing cheese and charcuterie board at home? Consider picking up this Misc Home Slate Cheese Board Set

, which comes with all the cheese tools you need (and even board chalk!). It's on sale for $26.99 (discounted from $49.99).

Obsessed with crepes? Then you need an easy-to-use crepe maker, obv. This Salton Crepe Maker

is on sale today for $29.15 (down from $39.99).

Avid honey-eaters (we're talking to you, Pooh) will know that getting the gooey golden stuff out of a jar isn't always a neat and tidy endeavor. This Intey Honey Dipper Stick

will help: notice its clever S-curve, which keeps it from slipping into the jar. It's on sale today for $7.99 (down from $14.99).

Do you keep your individual-sized coffee pods in a cardboard box on your countertop or in your cabinet? Consider displaying them in this easy-to-use Coffee Pod Holder

—that way you won't have to go rooting around in a box to find your favorite flavors in the morning. It's on sale today for $9.99 (down from $23.99).

This Acacia Wood Beer 6 pack Carrier by Foster and Rye

is such a stylish way to gift someone a six-pack, or just to use outdoors this summer. It's on sale for $29.34 today (down from $39.99).

You know in baking recipes when they say to sift the flour? You need one of those things. This Farberware Classic Stainless Steel Flour Sifter

holds three cups and is on sale today for $10. What a time to be alive.