Here are some of the best sales and discounts on kitchen appliances and cookware we found online.

By Danica Lo
Updated August 03, 2017
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One of the most exciting things about this time of year is the glorious fresh produce you can pick up at your local farmer's market—but if you've overstocked and are looking for a way to preserve your purchases for future consumption, consider investing in this Aroma Housewares professional six-tray food dehydrator

, which is currently on sale for $110 (reduced from $150).

Does your family love fried foods, and are you concerned about the oil used in deep-frying? Here's a smart solution: this Philips Airfryer

helps you fry healthier—75 percent less fat! It's currently on sale for $170 (reduced from $218).

Stemless wine and Champagne glasses are all the rage right now—and for good reason! Without the delicate stem, they're easier to handle and harder to break. These Eparé 5 oz stemless Champagne glasses

are double-walled, which means they'll keep your drink cooler, longer. Plus, this set is on sale right now for $13.64 (reduced from $19.95).

Love freshly-ground salt and pepper? Here's an easy way for the whole family to get into seasoning: this Eparé electric grinder

is easy for anyone to operate—from kids to adults. It's currently on sale for $13.53 (down from $24.95)—plus it's a bestseller in its category, so you know it's good.

There's an easy argument for grinding your own meat for burgers, bolognese, and sausages: it lets you choose exactly the cut and quality of ground meat you want to feed yourself and your family. This

Stocking a new kitchen or gifting a cookware set to a new grad? This five-star reviewed Zestkit silicone cooking utensils kit

features 23 must-haves for any cook. The whole kit is currently on sale for $46 (reduced from $136).

For outdoor cooking that goes beyond the grill, consider picking up one of these super-useful non-stick electric skillets

that you can just plug into an outdoor outlet. This one is currently on sale for $33 (reduced from $41) and can be used for everything from outdoor breakfasts to stews and fondue.

Feeling artsy and love vegetables? This 80-piece kitchen carving tool kit

pretty much includes everything you could possibly need to make your veggies into sculptural chiseled works of art. The whole set is currently on sale for $32.29 (reduced from $38).

Just think how much a milk frother would up your at-home coffee game. Pick one up on sale today! This Cymas automatic milk frother

is currently marked down to $27.99 (from $46).

This gorgeous minimalist contraption is, like, a drip/pourover thingie—but for tea. This Teabox classic tea maker

is currently on sale for $26.99 (reduced from $29.99).