Here are some of the best sales and discounts on kitchen appliances and cookware we found online.

By Danica Lo
Updated July 28, 2017
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The number-one selling piece of commercial kitchen equipment on all of is this Black + Decker toaster oven

—and no surprise, since not only does it toast four slices of bread at once (yay), but can also bake and broil. It's on sale today for $24.96 (down from $29.92).

For those times when an ordinary whisk just isn't *designed* enough, consider this set of two Orblue professional-grade Danish dough whisks

, which works for bread, cookie, pizza, or dumpling dough. The set is on sale for $6 (reduced from $36).

There was span of about ten years back in the early-2000s when bread just wasn't in vogue—but now that bread is back, consider picking up a bread maker, so you can make custom loaves at home. This Oster ExpressBake bread-maker

comes with a 13-hour timer, so you can set it and forget it—and have a fancy fresh loaf waiting for you when you get home from a long day at work. It's currently on sale for $53.99 (down from $59.99).

For all your family picnic needs, consider this set of four Thermos stainless vacuum cans

, which will keep your drinks cold for hours. This set is currently on sale for $24.17 (reduced from $34.99).

Here's an easy way to keep your cabinets organized without creating a bunch of visual compartments that can make spaces seem small and cluttered. This ClosetMate acrylic shelf-dividers

come in a two-pack that's on sale right now for $20.99 (down from $49.99).

Yes, obviously you need a sausage-stuffer. This Kitchener heavy-duty sausage stuffer

is currently on sale for $75 (reduced from $250) and will save you from processed meat and preservatives.

This could be the ultimate most-thoughtful gift for the coffee fanatic in your life: the Hunt Brothers coffee grinder

is one of the top-rated portable grinders on Amazon. It's on sale right now for $17 (reduced from $50).

Planning a special event outdoors or in a remote away-from-home location—camping, perhaps? This Newair portable ice maker

could be crucial to your beverage optimization plans. It makes 50 pounds of ice a day and is currently on sale for $197.57 (reduced from $212).

If you find yourself with small batches of washing-up that need a place to dry, check out this Homfa over-the-sink drying rack

. It's also a great way to wash and dry vegetables and fruit—and it's on sale right now for $17 (down from $60).

If you're making coffee for a larger group, this Hamilton Beach 12-cup percolator

is currently on sale for $40. Another use for a percolator: I spent years cooking noodles in a percolator at college because our dorms had very strict rules around in-room cooking gadgets.