Here are some of the best sales and discounts on kitchen appliances and cookware we found online.

By Danica Lo
Updated July 07, 2017
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Looking for more space in your oven (to make more pies, OBVIOUSLY)? This Estilo Three-Tier Oven Baking And Cooling Rack

gives you a whole additional tier (in otherwise conventional two-tier set-ups). The rack is on sale today for $8.79 (down from $10.99).

While most ramen can be prepared by pouring in some boiling water, there are some instant noodles that do better when cooked on a stovetop. Instead of doubling up on the amount of dishwashing you're saddled with, consider this Stainless Steel Ramen Noodle Soup Bowl

that even works on induction cooktops. It's on sale today for $11.04 (down from $23.99).

Now, I'm not sure under what circumstances you'd need a professional sno-cone machine (I'm cool with the Snoopy version, tbh), but if you have the space and the inclination—and a horde of sno-cone lovers coming over for parties this summer—why not. This Paragon Arctic Blast Sno Cone Machine for Professional Concessionaires

boast 1/3 horsepower (which seems like a lot of horsepower for making frosty desserts?) and is on sale right now for $310.95 (down from $695). What a steal!

It must be party season, because there are so many large-format crowd-pleasing gadgets and appliances on sale right now, including this epic KingsBottle 450 Can Beverage Cooler

—great for community spaces, church rec areas, or even really big families. It's on sale for $1,638 (down from $2,104).

We all know that one of the key accessories you need for outdoor wine drinking in the summertime is plastic glasses—but these Silicone Wine Glasses

take things to the next level. Not only are they unbreakable, they're foldable. This set of four is on sale right now for $19.99 (down from $30.99). And they come with a little carrier bag, to boot.

Here's a camping cookware set that's so cute (and compact!) that you'll want to use it in your everyday life—especially if you live in an apartment with a tiny kitchen, perhaps. This Stanley Adventure Two Pot Prep and Cook Set

is on sale today for $36.86 (down from $65).

Want to make homemade burgers and sausages this season? Consider investing in a meat grinder for your kitchen—like this Homgeek Electric Meat Grinder

, which is on sale today for $59.99 (down from $87.99).

There's some delightfully impractical and also super-obviously practical about this triple-play frozen drink maker. The Margaritaville Tahiti Frozen Concoction Maker

can create 72 ounces of frozen deliciousness in each production cycle—and it's on sale today for $321 (reduced from $500).

Look at this clever doodad for making espresso on the go! This Barsetto Portable Espresso Coffee Machine

is a great gift for the coffee obsessive in your life—it's on sale today for $58.99 (down from $74.90).

I bought the Babycakes donut maker, but I wish I'd held out for this triple threat! This Babycakes Multi-Treat Baker

makes cupcakes, donuts, and cake-pops, and is on sale today for $38.26.