Here are some of the best sales and discounts on kitchen appliances and cookware we found online.

By Danica Lo
Updated August 07, 2017
Credit: Getty Images

In the world of serious juicing there's a segment of home-juicers who strongly believe in the inherent superiority of cold-press slow-juicing. Some of the best slow-juicers can run into the thousands, price-wise. For a more wallet-friendly entry point to juicing-for-health, consider this Argus "Le Slow" masticating juicer

—it's on sale today for $99.99 (reduced from $319.99).

Need a kitchen scale for weighing out ingredients or food portions—but looking for something with a bowl attachment? This Etekcity digital kitchen scale

can hold up to 2.15 liters of liquid—and can weigh up to 5 kilograms of stuff. It's on sale today for $15.39 (reduced from $39.99).

Garlic is an indispensable ingredient in most kitchens, but mincing and chopping it is not one of the most-fun parts of meal prep. This Alpha Grillers garlic press and peeler set

make the process painless and easy (and kinda fun?). The set is currently on sale for $11 (reduced from $24.97).

A grown-up lunch bag isn't just smart-looking—it's an added protection barrier between your food and your handbag (or briefcase). This Mier insulated lunch box bag

also helps keep your food chilled (or warm). It's on sale today for $12.99 (reduced from $17.99).

Have you ever watched baking shows on television and envied their icing turntables and perfect finishes? Now you can buy a setup for your own home kitchen! This Kootek rotating cake turntable

comes with an icing spatula and other cake decorating supplies. It's on sale today for $14.99 (reduced from $19.99).

As far as serious drinking goes, DIYers will know that once you experience spherical ice, it's hard to go back to using anything else. Consider investing in this two-pack of ice sphere molds

, which is currently on sale for $10 (reduced from $19.95.

If your kids love cherries, but you're worried they'll choke on the pits, pick up one of these cherry pitting tools

, which are currently on sale for $10.95 (reduced from $39.95).

If butter storage has always been a challenge for you, consider perhaps investing in a novelty butter dish-with-lid that will bring you joy. This KooK cow ceramic butter dish

is currently on sale for $11.95 (reduced from $19.95).

Here's how you can write your own custom rude (or not rude) messages on cakes and cupcakes for your friends and family: pick up this icing pen

, which is currently on sale for $7.99 (reduced from $9.99).

Life hack: keep chopsticks at your desk in the office for easy salad consumption (eat your salad with chopsticks—try it, you'll love it!) and easy clean-up. This set of Youmi Japanese natural wood chopsticks

is pretty enough to gift, as well. It's on sale right now for $9.49 (reduced from $19.99).