Here are some of the best sales and discounts we found online for kitchenware.

By Danica Lo
Updated May 23, 2017
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Just in time for Memorial Day grilling: if you've always wanted to try over-the-grill mats, but weren't sure which ones to buy, consider this five-star reviewed ten-piece set of Imarku BBQ Grill and Baking Mats

, which is on sale today for $15.99 (down from $49.99). They make cleanup a breeze!

You don't need a special steamer pot for your veggies if you have this Sunsella Vegetable Steamer

. It's on sale today for $8.99 (down from $18).

Channel your inner Scandinavian minimalist with these Eparé 12 oz Glass Mugs

. They're double-walled and made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass—and the set is on sale for $22.36 (down from $34.95).

Looking for some new heatproof gloves for outdoor grilling this summer, but don't want super-bulky unwieldy ones? Consider this pair of Homeerr Heat Resistant Gloves

, which are heat resistant up to 932 degrees. They're on sale today for $8.78 (down from $29.98).

There's nothing like a trifle bowl for that wow factor. This Anchor Hocking Monaco Trifle Bowl

would look stunning filled with any layered dessert—or breakfast yogurt-granola concoction! It's on sale today for $18.79 (down from $24.18).

Got a toaster oven and want to make stuff in it (beyond toast, that is)? You need this Ecolution Bakeins 4-Piece Toaster Oven Bakeware Set

, which comes with a toaster-oven-sized cake pan, muffin tin, cookie sheet, and rack. The kit is on sale today for $21.17.

Game for grilled food but not so keen on the outdoors (or maybe you live in an apartment like me)? Consider this epic ZZ Grill

which grills burgers, presses paninis, and cooks steak. It's on sale today for $27.19 (down from $49.99).

Think about cupcakes and how great they are—now imagine how extra-wonderful they'd be if they were portable, en masse. This Cupcake Carrier

holds 24 in two tiers, and is on sale today for $24.95 (down $29.95).

OK, we know you don't need a kit to make s'mores, but isn't this little setup chic? The Salton Electric S'More Maker

is on sale today for $39.99 (down from $49.99).

Everybody needs a cheese board and some cheese-tools, and if you don't already have one in your kitchen, consider this Misc Home Slate Cheese Board Set

, which is on sale today for $26.99 (down from $49.99).