Considered a healthy cooking technique since you don't need to add oil, steaming often gets a bad rap for turning out flavorless food. Steaming vegetables like green beans, broccoli and carrots is pretty standard, but our favorite steamed recipes are the ones for seafood. Salmon, mussels and halibut steam wonderfully when prepared correctly—the key is seasoning before and after (and sometimes during) the cooking process. Tom Colicchio steams mussels in a broth of olive oil, shallots and white wine, and adds chopped tomatoes, vinegar and tarragon once they're cooked. Whether you're looking for a more flavorful way to steam vegetables or need some cooking tips, F&W's guide to steaming has everything you need.

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Pressure Cooker Recipes
The benefits of a pressure cooker include faster cooking times and less energy usage. These recipes—think warm white bean salad with smoked trout and pressure cooker pork carnitas—utilize the pressure cooker in ways both traditional and unexpected.