Gail Simmons elevates the classic red, white, and blue popsicles with whole fruit.

By Bridget Hallinan
Updated May 24, 2019

Like most kids, Gail Simmons fondly remembers running up to the ice cream truck to get frozen treats. Her favorite was the rocket pop—also known as Bomb Pops—those red, white, and blue striped popsicles that practically scream summer. Nowadays, she still loves rocket pops; however, she's concocted a sophisticated twist. Instead of cherry, lime, and blue raspberry flavoring, Simmons uses whole fruits for her rocket pop layers. Layer one is strawberry and lime; two, a rich combination of coconut, banana, and ginger; and three, blueberry-mint. With Memorial Day Weekend approaching, it’s the perfect dessert to get you in the mood for summer. And don't worry—Simmons says the blueberries will still stain your tongue that signature purple-y blue color. Check out her tips for making the rocket pops below, and save the F&W Cooks recipe for your summer get-togethers.

Use a squeeze bottle

After you make each layer in the blender, don’t pour it right into the mold. Simmons says the blender has a big mouth and the mixture would spill everywhere in the process, since the molds are very small. Instead, use her favorite transfer tool—a squeeze bottle. Pour the mixture in there first, and then squeeze it into the molds.

Fill up the mold one third of the way each time

Remember, this is a three-layer pop—you need to save room for each one.

Freeze in between layers

After you pour in the first layer, put the molds in the freezer for an hour so the pops can set while you make the next layer; repeat for each layer. After everything is in the mold (stick included), the pops need to freeze for at least two hours, or overnight.

Peel the ginger first

Before you grate the ginger for the second layer, peel it first. You can use the front tip of a teaspoon in a downward motion to get the skin off.

Chop the mint

For the blueberry layer, make sure you chop the mint finely. Otherwise, you’ll have big chunks that will get stuck in your teeth.

Remember to add the sticks

After you’ve poured the blueberry layer in, don’t forget to add the sticks—after all, they’re the most important part of the pops. The coconut layer should still be a little soft, so the sticks will stay put when you push them in, even though the blueberry layer isn’t set yet.

Don’t panic if they’re stuck

Once the pops have frozen for two hours or overnight, they should be good to go. However, if they’re stuck in the mold when you take them out, Simmons says you can either give them a minute on the counter or run them gently under warm water for a few seconds.