The Food & Wine Guide to Plant-Based Meat

How to buy, cook, and enjoy this innovative protein.

Americans have never been more curious about plant-based diets, and a $20 billion plant-based meat industry—set to double in value in the next few years—is fueling its popularity. Whether you're looking to eat less meat (or none at all) for nutritional, environmental, or religious reasons, learning to navigate this meaty-yet-meatless new world can be a daunting task.

First off, this new world isn't so new. Mock meat has been enjoyed for thousands of years in China and surrounding regions as an important part of Buddhist observance, and for this series, writer Clarissa Wei explores that history—and the delicious cuisine that evolved because of it. As for more recent innovations, the F&W Test Kitchen tasted and cooked with many plant-based options to find the most delicious ones, and offers guidance on how to use them. Another terrific source for knowledge? Marve McClain, who's been serving plant-based meat to her son for years without him suspecting a thing.

As for restaurants, the continued rise of vegan soul food restaurants and plant-based burgers at fast-food joints point to a bright future for plant-based meat, and the technological innovations keep coming. The marketing of meatless meat continues to evolve as products, purveyors, and recipes do. This series will take you through all the delicious possibilities.

Taste Test: The Plant-Based Meat Products You Need to Try

Plant-Based Meat Taste Test
Emily Lundin

Our testers called in loads of different plant-based meat products and cooked their way through all of them. Read More.

How to Cook with Plant-Based Meats

How To Cook with Plant-Based Meat
Photo by Ellen Mary Cronin / Food and prop styling by Radin+Croney Collective

A few pointers ensure juicy, tender results every time. Read More.

Why Are There No Real Fast-Food Veggie Burgers?


While plant-based meat alternatives are taking over American menus, it's almost impossible to find veggie burgers made from actual veggies. Read More.

I Switched My Family to Plant-Based Meat and My Teenage Son Still Doesn't Know

Marve Frazier

And don't you dare tell him. Read More.

Seeking a Better Burger Through Technology

The Future of Plant-Based Foods
Emily Lundin

A burger-loving reporter is on a hunt for the best—and it may not be made of beef. Read More.

Compton Chef Lemel Durrah's Vegan Soul Food Mission

Lemel Durrah of Compton Vegan

What started as a 21-day diet turned into a drive toward a healthier community. Read More.

What Longtime Vegetarians Think About the Plant-Based Meat Boom

Fake meat is having a moment. but what do people who didn't eat meat in the first place think about it?
Julian Birchman

The rise of plant-based meat has been great for people who recently resolved to cut back on animal protein. But what if that's been your diet all along? Read More.

Men, Meat, and Marketing

Marketing Plant-Based Meat to Boomers
Julian Birchman

The makers of plant-based meats are up against decades—if not centuries and millennia—of messaging tying meat eating to masculinity. Read More.

Plant-Based Meat Has Thrived in Asia for Centuries—and It's Still Going Strong

A group of nuns moving about the Ling Jiou Mountain Buddhist Society in Taiwan
An Rong Xu

Whether you call it mock, faux, or plant-based meat, vegetarian substitutes for beef, pork, chicken (and even seafood) have a long history in the greater China region—and a delicious future. Read More.

An Invitation to Vegan Comfort Food

Pinky Cole
Will Sterling

Pinky Cole is the Founder and CEO of Slutty Vegan, an ultra-popular vegan burger chain based in Atlanta, Georgia. Read More.

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