The Amagansett Sea Salt Company is EMP's sole salt purveyor.

By Danica Lo
Updated June 25, 2017
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Amagansett Sea Salt Company salt
Credit: Danica Lo / Food & Wine

"I swore I'd never sell white crystal by the kilo," jokes Steven Judelson, a former attorney, who, with his wife Natalie (also a former attorney), founded Amagansett Sea Salt in 2011. In the six short years they've been in business—painstakingly hand-harvesting sea salt from gallons of sea water hauled to their Amagansett salt farm from Atlantic Beach–they've become the salt purveyors of choice for artisanal food producers and some of the best restaurants in the world, including Eleven Madison Park (and its recently-opened Hamptons pop up in partnership with American Express, EMP Summer House). In fact, Amagansett Sea Salt is the only salt used at EMP; and the Judelsons ship Chef Daniel Humm 2.5 kilos each week.

The sea salt, which is available in around a dozen flavors–including seasonal variations such as rosé (shown above) and lemon in the summer and espresso and merlot in colder months—is available to buy online, but the Judelsons got their big break (and caught the attention of the EMP team) at a local farmer's market in Montauk years ago. Their salt "tastes like New York," Chef Humm told the couple. He's since become a de facto envangelist for the product, and his word-of-mouth endorsement has catalyzed the Amagansett Sea Salt company's online direct-to-consumer sales to new heights. The rest, as they say, is history.

These days, the Judelsons hand-harvest salt ten months out of the year—the lengthy process varies from three weeks in the summertime to three months in cooler early spring months, with every 1,000 gallons of sea water yielding about 15 pounds of product—and ships a third of their product, mostly pure salt, directly to makers and restaurants.

Luckily, two-thirds of the Amagansett Sea Salt brand's sea salt is available at retail—and the easiest way to pick up a jar (or 12) to use in your own cooking is by checking out what they have available on Amazon right now. Here are some of our favorite flavors: