It will help you cut down on cling wrap.
Credit: Courtesy Ikea

When keeping a dish warm on the stove or covering a bowl of salad to store in the fridge, we’re likely all guilty of reaching for the cling wrap or aluminum foil. But when used on a daily basis, these disposable materials really start to add up—both in the landfill, and in our grocery bills. So when we spotted the new KLOCKREN reusable lids set in IKEA’s 2018 catalog (which is now available online to browse whenever you’d like), we called it immediately: They are a money-saving, environmentally-friendly must-have for any kitchen.

This $10 set of three silicone rubber lids is freezer-, microwave-, and oven-safe, so it can travel with dishes wherever they go. Pop a lid on a glass casserole dish to keep dinner warm at the table, then transport the leftovers to the freezer. The lids come in 7 ½, 10, and 12-inch diameters, so they will fit many standard-size pots, pans, bowls, and dishes, including those that didn’t come from IKEA. When used on the correct size vessel, these reusable lids create a vacuum-tight seal, helping your lasagna avoid freezer burn better than a loose cover of plastic wrap would. Plus, the set is dishwasher safe, so we won’t have to waste excess water (or our time) hand-washing each piece.

Besides keeping food fresh, we’re also hoping this new IKEA pick will help keep our homes a little cleaner. Because these covers are microwave-safe, they can help stop soups and sauces from splattering in the microwave. And for the same reason, they may just become our go-to stovetop splash guards. The lids can withstand temperatures up to 428 degrees Fahrenheit—so they’ve proven they can handle the heat. Our one future wish for the IKEA catalog fairy godmothers: Please, please make these lids in more sizes so we can use them on every single pot, bowl, and container in our kitchens.