Easy does with that knife Luca.

By Noah Kaufman
Updated August 24, 2017

“People don’t cook enough fruit on the BBQ.” This is the thesis Ludo Lefebvre starts with in the latest episode of Ludo à la Maison, as he and his son Luca get ready to make a pineapple dessert, rotisserie style. Grilling fruit is an easy and often underutilized way to make a quick dessert—so easy, in fact, that 5-year-old Luca is able to do a lot of the work.

Ludo and Luca start by peeling the pineapple with a chef’s knife. Luca is a little unwieldy cutting into the pineapple alone, but he gets the job done (Ludo says Luca cut himself once trying to open a bag of candy, but he has clearly learned a thing or two since then). After the pineapples are peeled, Ludo plugs it full of vanilla beans, then he and Luca put them on the rotisserie spit and let them grill and caramelize for about an hour.

While all that is going on, Ludo whips up the sauce to accompany his grilled pineapple. He simmers together sugar, butter, bananas, ginger and jalapeño. The combination of bananas, ginger and jalapeño seems a bit unorthodox, it even raised a few eyebrows around the office, but based on Luca's reaction it definitely works.

At this point it’s time to check on the pineapple. Luca opens the grill to find a golden brown pineapple, perfectly caramelized on the rotisserie. Now all that’s left to do is plate it up. Ludo slices the pineapple (he kept the knife out of Luca’s hands for this part), tops it with the spicy sauce and adds a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.

If you want to make Ludo’s grilled pineapple with banana jalapeño sauce you can check out the recipe right over here: