The recipe for veal marengo works wonderfully for chicken or beef as well.

On the final episode of Ludo à la Maison season 10, chef Ludo Lefebvre is joined by guest Ellen Bennett, founder of popular kitchen workwear brand Hedley & Bennett. They prepare veal marengo, inspired by the chicken marengo Lefebvre says was created for Napoleon after a victory—the best part? The whole dish is made in one pot, from searing the veal to cooking everything together in the oven. Check out a few of Lefebvre’s key tips for making the dish below, and find the recipe on his official website.

No Veal? No Problem

Although Lefebvre uses veal for this recipe, he says you can substitute in beef or chicken.

Embrace the Browned Bits

Bennett asks if people should be worried about the browned edges of the pot, but Lefebvre says no—that’s where all of the flavor comes from.

Keep It in One Pot

The beauty of this recipe is the one-pot factor, which Lefebvre says helps build flavor. You start by searing the veal; then, you remove it and cook the mushrooms, removing those after they're browned as well. Next up is the pearl onions, and after removing them, you add unsalted butter and return the veal to the pot. Everything else ends up back in as well, plus a few other ingredients, like white wine, tomatoes, shallots, garlic, and more. The mixture cooks in the oven for 45 minutes, and you’re all good to go.

Mind the Butter

To avoid burning the butter, make sure you lower the heat when you add it to the pot. While they were previously cooking on higher heat for the caramelization, Lefebvre notes that they’ve switched to low.

Don’t Forget the Flour

Add the veal to the butter, and then add in flour and mix it with the meat. Lefebvre says it’s like “wrapping the meat in roux,” and as you’ll see, it helps to thicken the sauce.

Use This Trick to Cut Your Herbs

To minimize mess when cutting herbs, Lefebvre shares an easy tip. He takes parsley and places it in a glass measuring cup—then, he grabs scissors and makes vertical cuts within the cup, so the herbs are chopped and everything is contained.