Have Potatoes? Make This Cheesy Gratin

In this week's episode of Ludo à la Maison, the chef brings his children into the kitchen to help him cook.

In his series, Ludo à la Maison, chef Ludo Lefebvre has prepared plenty of hearty classics, from French onion soup to goat cheese soufflés. This week's episode is all about potato gratin, and the chef is joined by his children, Luca and Rêve.

Together, they work their way through the gratin recipe with Lefebvre, from peeling and slicing the potatoes to infusing the cream that they bake them in (and of course, adding a cheesy topping as well). Check out Lefebvre's tips and step-by-step guide to making the dish below, and find the recipe on his website.

Prepare the dish…

Lefebvre instructs Rêve to take a garlic clove and rub it on the inside of the baking dish. Then, he has her do the same thing with unsalted butter.

…and the ingredients

Meanwhile, Luca is tasked with peeling the potatoes (in this case, russet), and Lefebvre peels the garlic cloves and quarters the shallots.

Infuse the heavy cream

Next, Lefebvre adds the heavy cream to a small saucepan, and puts in the four remaining garlic cloves, shallots, salt, pepper, and fresh thyme, with help from Rêve. You want to let it simmer for about 15 minutes, until the shallots and garlic are soft. Lefebvre has Rêve smell the mixture as it cooks, and she says it's "garlicky and oniony with a hint of cream."

Slice the potatoes

Lefebvre uses a mandoline to slice the potatoes evenly and very thin. Then, he has Luca and Rêve layer them neatly in the baking dish.

Safety first

Lefebvre loves cooking this dish with his family, because he says it keeps the kids busy, and it's also fun to try new things with them. However, he also notes the importance of safety. For example, when he allows Luca to try slicing the potatoes with the mandoline, he has him stop when it's halfway through the potato to protect his hands, and takes over.

Blend the cream

Once the cream mixture has cooled, Lefebvre transfers it to a blender and purées until it's smooth. Then, he pours it over the potatoes and bakes them in the oven at 325 degrees Fahrenheit for "at least 60 minutes."

Don’t forget the cheese

After the gratin is cooked, Lefebvre takes it out of the oven, and he and the kids sprinkle grated Gruyère and Parmesan on top. Then, it's back under the broiler until the dish comes out bubbling and golden brown. Rêve says it's delicious.

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