Try it with cherries, too.

Apricots are in season during the summer, and they're delicious in dishes ranging from tartines to parfaits. In this week’s episode of Mad Genius: Home Edition, Food & Wine Culinary-Director-at-Large Justin Chapple showcases the stone fruit in a clafoutis, with a little lemon zest for added flavor. The recipe for this French dessert comes together in an hour with just two steps. And as an added bonus, it requires only eight ingredients. Read on for Justin's key tips on how to make this easy dessert.

You can also try cherries

Although this recipe calls for apricots, Justin says the classic version is made with cherries. (In fact, he also has a recipe for Cherry-Vanilla Clafoutis, which can be made on the grill or in the oven.)

It doesn’t have to be perfect

When you cut the apricots, you want to make sure the pieces aren’t too small, so they don’t fall apart while baking. You don’t have to worry about cutting the pieces perfectly. The same idea applies when you’re adding the apricot wedges to the custard in the dish; feel free to make it rustic.

No half-and-half? No problem

If you don’t have half-and-half, Justin demonstrates how to quickly make your own at home. It’s simply half whole milk, half heavy cream, and Justin makes the 1/2 cup needed for this recipe with a 1/4 cup of each.

Add the flour last

As he makes the custard, Justin shares two other tips. One: beat the eggs immediately after you’ve added in the granulated sugar, and two: add the flour last. When you add flour to liquid and start mixing, you're developing gluten. To avoid over-developing it, beat the flour in until it’s incorporated.

Use the right-sized dish

A gratin dish or pie plate will work for this recipe—either way, make sure it’s about one quart. If the dish is too small, the clafoutis could overflow in the oven. For extra insurance, place the dish on a large rimmed baking sheet so it can catch spills.

Grab the powdered sugar

You want the custard in the clafoutis to be “just set and a little bit jiggly,” Justin says. After it’s done baking, let it stand for 10 minutes and then dust it with confectioner’s sugar for the finishing touch. Voilà, you’re all set to enjoy. 

Get the Recipe: Lemony Apricot Clafoutis