The Best Attachment You Can Buy for Your KitchenAid Is Less Than $30

With its flexible spatula-like edges, the Beater Blade makes your KitchenAid an even better mixer.

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Let's face it: the KitchenAid mixer is a near-perfect kitchen appliance. It looks great on your counter! It makes you a faster cook! It can change form with the addition of attachments, like a Transformer! But anyone who has ever creamed butter and sugar in a knows the one thing it can't do is scrape down the sides of the bowl.

Enter the Beater Blade. Shaped like a classic KitchenAid beater attachment, the outer edges are lined with a sturdy rubber blade that continuously scrapes the edges of the bowl, folding ingredients back into your batter.

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New Metro Beater Blade

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To buy: $25 at

Here are 5 reasons why the Beater Blade deserves a spot in your kitchen:

1. It makes you a cleaner cook

We recently made a hot pink cake for a coworker's birthday. To fully incorporate the hot pink dye, we had to repeatedly turn off the mixer, lift up the beater, and scrape down the sides. The result was hot pink frosting all over us, the counter, and (somehow?) the office. With the Beater Blade, the pink massacre would never have happened.

2. It thoroughly combines ingredients

If you're a frequent baker, you might be familiar with the flour-y spot that always remains at the bottom of the bowl. That's because the traditional beater attachment doesn't reach all the way to the bottom, but leaves about an inch of untouched dough or batter or frosting. The flexible edge of the Beater Blade is pointed, hitting the bottom of the bowl for maximum mixing abilities.

3. It’s easier on your engine

Frequent bread bakers will know that the KitchenAid's engine heats up when it's working hard. Thick double batches of cookie dough and other stiffer mixtures will cause the engine to heat up, clear proof that the mixer may be struggling. The Beater Blade can help reduce strain on the mixer, reducing stress on the engine and helping it last longer.

4. It’s not just for mixing

In addition to helping combine and process doughs and batters, the Beater Blade easily gets into every edge of the bowl to help scrape it down and transfer cake batters to their baking receptacles. No need to pull out a spatula to transfer from one bowl to another, simply remove the Beater Blade and use it as a scoop.

5. It comes with a lifetime warranty

Send a picture of your Beater Blade to New Metro, and they'll send you a new one, free of charge. With that warranty, it might just outlast your mixer.

Gary Fallowes, inventor of the Beater Blade, said cheesecake led him to the idea. "When you put a block of cold cream cheese into a mixer it gets stuck onto the beater, and it will just sit there," Gary told us. "And then as you start to break it down it sticks on the walls and it sticks basically everywhere. And I just figured there had to be a better way."

To buy: New Metro Beater Blade, $25 at

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