No smoker? No problem. If you own a wok, you can prepare deliciously aromatic smoked dishes at home.

Smoked Shrimp

To jerry-rig a stovetop smoker, line a wok with foil, add a mix of rice, brown sugar and loose black tea to the bottom, and set a cake rack above the mixture. Ta-da! You have an easy DIY smoker that’s great for imbuing seafood, meat or even cheese with a terrific smoky flavor. Here, six wok-smoked recipes to try:

1. Smoked Shrimp
One bite of these shrimp and a swig of vodka will instantly transport you to Scandinavia.

2. Smoked Cheese
Smoking your own cheese means you can enjoy a much wider variety than you can find at any store. Try this recipe with soft cheese like Fontina or Monterey Jack.

3. Smoked Acorn Squash
The hollows of the halved squash hold a mixture of mustard and maple syrup that becomes a delicious sauce.

4. Smoked Duck with Tangerine-Rosemary Salad
Smoking the duck with tea adds a wonderful fragrance to the meat.

5. Hot-Smoked Salmon with Apple Slaw
This savory salmon is glazed with a spicy molasses sauce and flavored with just the right amount of smoke. It’s delicious served hot or at room temperature.

6. Smoked Italian Sausages
Served warm or cold, these smoky sausages make a perfect, simple meal with the addition of some bread, pickles and mustard.