Smart ways to make the most of your ice cube trays.

Minted Watermelon Popsicles
Credit: © Hallie Burton

Ice cube trays don’t just make ice—no matter what their name may imply. If you can spare a tray or two, we have a few great frozen water-free ways you can put them to use.

Make Beef Jerky
Dry beef jerky in a microwave on top of silicone ice cube trays. It’s easy if you follow this simple recipe.

Simplify Piña Coladas
Bartender Jeff Bell of Manhattan’s PDT freezes coconut water and a mix of fruit juices in ice cube trays, then, whenever he wants to make piña coladas, he blends the frozen fruit cubes with rum.

PDT/Crif Frozen Piña Colada
Credit: © David Malosh

Make Popsicles
For super-healthy popsicles, fill ice cube trays with lightly sweetened watermelon puree and freeze for about three hours, inserting toothpicks about halfway through.

Stock up on Stock
Ultra-useful bouillon cubes are a snap to make at home. Simply make stock using this recipe, then add chopped herbs, pour into ice cube trays and freeze for the next time you need to give a soup or sauce a boost of broth.

Turkey Bouillon Cubes
Credit: © Con Poulos