Try this Mad Genius tip for a mad delicious savory waffle. 

“I thought there could be nothing better than waffle hash browns,” says Food & Wine Deputy Test Kitchen Editor Justin Chapple. “That is, until I added kimchi.”

This week, Food & Wine’s resident Mad Genius is back with a recipe that proves, yet again, that a waffle iron can do so much more than its name suggests. These Korean-inspired potato waffles not only satisfy the impulse to put kimchi on everything—they also take almost no time at all, and the spicy fermented cabbage within is packed with probiotics, which is a nice bonus.

The steps are simple: shred potatoes into a bowl, and mix with beaten eggs, melted butter, sliced scallions, and kimchi. Season with salt, and add some flour and baking powder (which act as binding agents, making sure it all stays together). Mix well to distribute the kimchi throughout the batter—says Justin, “you want to have a tangy, spicy bite every time you go at that waffle.”

Spoon your mixture onto a hot waffle iron—pre-greased with melted butter—taking care to spread it in an even layer all over the iron. Cook for 7-9 minutes, until the potatoes are crisp and the surface is nice and brown. “It should be crispy on the outside,” according to Justin, “and nice and tender on the inside.”

Enjoy these spicy hash browns with other Korean dishes, or add them to your repertoire of dinner-worthy savory waffles. If you’re serious about fermentation, you can also use our recipe to try your hand at making cabbage kimchi from scratch.

Oh, and check out our roundup of fun waffle irons to add some whimsy to your life. Says Justin, “Who knew the best way to mash up two of my favorite things was using a waffle iron?”

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