Here, nine delicious ways to eat trout for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

By F&W Editors
Updated May 31, 2017

Picture this: You’re camping right next to a lake and you just caught a mess of trout. As everyone else is just waking up, you fry up some trout with eggs over the embers from a roaring campfire. Later that day, you fry up some more trout for sandwiches. Then, that night, you roast a whole fish stuffed with wild fennel. Sounds great, right?

Unfortunately, we can’t give you a dream camping trip. But we can give you the tools to eat like you’re on one—including a tip on the best way to fillet fish at home. Here, nine delicious ways to eat trout for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Smoked-Trout-and-Caper Cream Cheese
This elegant dish was inspired by the classic combination of bagels with lox and cream cheese.

Smoked Trout Hash with Potatoes and Corn
A poached egg completes this rustic breakfast.

Potato Cakes Stuffed with Trout
These delicious fried cakes are like trout wrapped in hash browns.


Grilled-Trout BLT
These flavor-packed sandwiches are a great way to use leftover grilled fish.

Smoked Trout and Bacon Pitas
These pita pockets are stuffed with crisp bacon, cherry tomatoes, smoked trout and frisée.

Smoked-Trout Chowder
Precooked and intensely flavorful smoked fish makes quick work of this creamy chowder.


Trout with Preserved Lemon Vinaigrette
This quick dish features trout fillets in a tangy vinaigrette.

Trout Schnitzel with Lemon-Chile Butter
Substitute trout fillets for the usual veal or pork for an ingenious take on schnitzel.

Trout with Warm Pine-Nut Dressing and Fennel Puree
This is an easy version of an amazing recipe from chef David Bouley.