We're calling an audible and changing up Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning's pre-game meal.

By Christine Quinlan
Updated May 23, 2017

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning now stands alone as the NFL's all-time leader in touchdown passes. Last night he broke Brett Favre's previous record of 508 career touchdown passes, and added an extra one for good measure. Manning eats the same thing before every game: grilled chicken, pasta with marinara sauce, a baked potato and broccoli. We're calling an audible and changing up the menu just a bit with these flavor-packed grilled chicken recipes:

Grilled chicken with spicy-sweet chile oil

Yogurt marinated grilled chicken

Grilled chicken thighs with spicy miso mayo

Filipino grilled chicken

Tangy sort-of-jerk chicken

Armchair quarterbacks can make them on Thursday night while watching Manning go for number 511 against the San Diego Chargers.