Just because it's too cold to grill outdoors doesn't meant you can't enjoy juicy, tender, falling-off-the-bone ribs. Here, seven luscious recipes for ribs that can all be made in the oven.

By F&W Editors
Updated June 05, 2017

1. Oven-Braised Short Ribs with Pasilla-Tomato Mole
Chef Hugo Ortega uses smoky pasilla chiles, tomatoes and spices to make a rich, tangy mole sauce for braising short ribs.

2. Garlic-Rubbed Spareribs
Roasting pork spareribs in in banana leaves adds flavor and helps to keep the meat perfectly moist.

Credit: © Maura McEvoy

3. Tuscan-Style Spareribs with Balsamic Glaze
These fantastic ribs are slow-roasted until tender and crisp, then finished with a simple balsamic glaze.

Credit: © Tina Rupp

4. Braised Short Ribs
What's the secret to star chef Tom Colicchio's succulent braised short ribs? He marinates the short ribs along with vegetables in wine.

Credit: © Lucy Schaeffer

5. Maple-Roasted Pork Spareribs
The sweet glaze on these ribs highlights Vermont's fabulous maple syrup.

6. Missouri Baby Back Ribs with Apple Slaw
Chef Michel Nischan uses a broiler and a warm oven instead of a grill for his excellent Southern-style ribs.

7. Spicy Ribs
These sweet-spicy ribs are flavored with molasses, cayenne pepper and paprika.