FW's Justin Chapple, Kay Chun and Anna Painter perfected all the recipes in this issue. Here, they reveal their at-home grilling tips, tricks and shortcuts.

By F&W Editors
Updated May 24, 2017
Charcoal Grilling
Credit: © Eva Kolenko

Go-To Dish

Justin: Drumsticks flavored with coriander and brown sugar. I lightly char them, then finish them off by smoking.

Kay: Short ribs marinated overnight in soy sauce, garlic, ginger, scallions and a touch of toasted sesame oil. They grill up superquick! The best part is the crispy, charred edges.

Anna: Flank steak. A crowd-pleaser every time, and who doesn't want the leftovers?

Burger Wisdom

Justin: My favorite trick to boost the flavor of burgers is to brush them with Dijon mustard and olive oil before taking them off the grill.

Kay: I grind my own meat with a KitchenAid attachment and have played around a lot with different blends. My favorite one is skirt steak and chuck.

Anna: For the patties, I like to use a Gabrielle Hamilton–inspired blend with two parts chuck to one part lamb. Served on toasted English muffins with parsley-shallot butter and sharp cheddar.

Most Ambitious Grilling Project

Justin: A whole brisket. The one time I tried it, I started smoking it at 6 a.m. and didn't finish until 2 the next morning. Then I let it rest so I could get some sleep.

Kay: Soft-shell crabs—fun and special, since they have such a short season. It takes time to clean them, but they can be turned into the best po'boys.

Anna: I grilled a turkey one year for Thanksgiving in the middle of a snowstorm.

Least Ambitious Grilling Project

Justin: When I'm lazy I grill hot dogs (all beef, of course) or skirt steak, which cooks in minutes.

Kay: Spatchcock chicken, rubbed with olive oil, mixed herb sprigs, salt and pepper.

Anna: Sausages, a heap of hearty greens (usually escarole) and slices of peasant bread—all grilled, then drizzled with olive oil and served with grilled lemon wedges.

Strangest Thing Ever Grilled

Justin: Octopus! I wouldn't say it's strange to me anymore, but my friends couldn't stop talking about it.

Kay: A whole head of cabbage kimchi. When it's grilled, it caramelizes on the outside while staying crunchy on the inside. I cut it into big wedges; it eats like a side salad and a pickle at the same time.

Anna: I hadn't ever grilled rice cakes before I tried Sohui Kim's skewers. I adore the char, chew and spice.

Beer-Can Chicken: Love It or Hate It?

Justin: As F&W's Mad Genius, I've learned to appreciate all sorts of strange cooking techniques, and beer-can chicken is one of them. I love Dr Pepper chicken, too.

Kay: I don't know why, but the very thought disturbs me.

Anna: I love beer, and I love chicken, but I would rather just drink the beer while I cook the chicken.