It's time to invest in an entry-level smoker.

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Pit barrel cooker
Credit: Victor Protasio

Upgrade your grilling game in time for cook-out season with gear that professionals swear by. From entry-level smokers to metal chopsticks that are far easier to use than tongs, these tools are essential for any home barbecue lover.


“A Pit Barrel Cooker is a great entry-level smoker; it’s affordable and makes an amazing gift for someone who wants to get into grilling or smoking at home. Learn how to use it with Kingsford charcoal, then work your way up to different varieties of wood for added flavor.”—Sheamus Feeley, Punch Bowl Social, Denver

Buy It: 18.5” Classic Pit Barrel Cooker, $299 at


“These are metal chopsticks, traditionally used for plating sushi. The very fine tapered points give you so much control for small, deliberate actions. The metal makes them heat-resistant, and the long handles keep your hands a safe distance from the heat of the grill. Once you get the hang of them, tongs will seem far too clunky.”Evan Ingram And Brenna Sanders, Effervescence, L.A.

But It: Solid Stainless Steel Moribashi 180mm, $90 at

Perforated Skillet

“I really like the AUS-ION perforated skillet by SolidTeknics. It allows you to move smaller items like shellfish or vegetables over embers without worrying about them falling through the grates.”Brian Wolfe, Kimball House, Decatur, Georgia

Buy It: AUS-ION Satin Open Flame Perforated Skillet, $119 at


“The TianBao butane torch is basically windproof; I love having that type of confidence in my hands when I’m trying to ignite damp wood or charcoal. You can use it to start a fire and torch a beautiful meringue!”David Bancroft, Acre And Bow & Arrow, Auburn, Alabama

Buy It: TianBao Butane Torch Lighter, $17 at