While summer is arguably the best time of year for grilling, you can get grill flavor anytime by using a grill pan (or braving the cold). And grilling isn't just for meat—veggies like bok choy, romaine, eggplant and zucchini are great for the grill, and pick up a delicious smoky flavor. Your cast-iron skillet also loves the grill—it's the perfect vessel for cooking veggies, paella, sausages and even dessert. Stephanie Izard's skillet cake is filled with peaches and blueberries, topped with crumbly streusel, and baked perfectly on the grill. Whether you're looking for home grilling tips from our test kitchen or are in search of an amazing grilled steak recipe, F&W's guide has everything you need.

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10 Weeknight Grilling Recipes to Make This Summer
We love making the most of grilling season and filling our summer meal plans with grilled seafood and hearty burgers. And if they're quick, too? Even better. In this recipe collection, we're highlighting 10 grilling recipes that take an hour or less to make, so you can just as easily enjoy them on a busy night as you can on a low-key afternoon. If you're looking for a chicken recipe, try this one for Grilled Chicken with Marinated Tomatoes and Onions (and don't forget crusty bread for sopping up all those juices). Prefer lamb? These sliders only ask for 35 minutes of your time, and make a fresh meal paired with a lettuce and cucumber salad and Yogurt-Tahini Sauce. You'll also find recipes for barbecued tofu, grilled shrimp, and more. Whichever one you choose, dinner will be done fast.
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