In her latest F&W Cooks video, Gail Simmons makes magic with sweet summer corn. 

Summer is all about fresh, fast, and easy recipes that can be cobbled together on the grill—and this dish from Gail Simmons checks off all three boxes. In her latest video for F&W Cooks, she combines pillowy, soft scallops with edamame, grilled corn and scallions, halved cherry tomatoes, sesame seeds, and some torn mint and basil. (The more herbs, the better, she says, especially during this time of year.) The end result is the perfect al fresco meal, and thanks to how quickly scallops cook, you can have it ready in half an hour. Check out some of Simmons’ main tips below.

Make the dressing in advance

To save yourself some time, you can prepare the salad dressing ahead of time—even two weeks in advance. Simmons also likes to make it in large quantities, so you can save the leftovers for other dishes.

The jalapeño is optional

This recipe calls for a small jalapeño or serrano chile, but if you don’t like heat, Simmons says you can leave the pepper out.

Stick with white miso

Simmons says white miso is a better option for this dressing than a darker or red miso—it’s less fermented and the mildest miso you can buy in the store, so its flavor won’t overpower the scallops.

Grill the corn and scallions quickly

You want to kiss the corn and scallions with fire and give them a little color for maximum flavor. The corn grills for 10-12 minutes, while the scallions only need a few minutes on each side. Let both cool while you grill the scallops.

You can use a grill pan or outdoor grill

An indoor grill pan can be used all-year round, but if it’s warm enough outside, an outdoor grill is even better.

Prep the scallops

This recipe calls for big sea scallops, and before you can cook them, Simmons says there’s a little prep work required first. You’ll notice a muscle on the side of each, which you need to remove—Simmons says they should come off very easily.

Use two skewers

Putting the scallops on two skewers as opposed to one makes the flipping process easier, according to Simmons.

Grill the scallops at an angle

This creates criss-cross char marks on the scallops, which will impress your guests. After a minute or so, pick up the skewer and rotate the scallops slightly (still grilling on the same side) to create the “x mark” before cooking the other side. Then, repeat the process.

Save the cobs

As you’re shaving the kernels off the grilled corn—on a stable surface, so nothing slips—think twice before throwing the cobs aways. Simmons says you can use them to make great corn stock.

Don’t forget the wine

Simmons suggests pairing a cold climate Chardonnay with the dish, as the richness will bring out the sweetness of the scallops and the corn.

Get the recipe here.