Watch: Ellie Kemper Tries Out Different Orange-Peeling Hacks

The actress also shared which character from The Office she’s most like—and it’s not Erin.

We’ve road-tested more than a few hacks at Food & Wine, from peeling garlic cloves using a plastic container to toasting nuts in the microwave. In one of our latest videos, actress Ellie Kemper decides to try different techniques for peeling an orange.

The first is a Mad Genius Tip from Food & Wine’s Justin Chapple, which involves slicing around the fruit with a knife and then using a spoon to peel off the skin; the other, peeling the orange in one fell swoop by continuously cutting in a spiral motion. While she tests each out, Kemper talks about which character she’s more like, Erin Hannon from The Office or Kimmy Schmidt from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, as well as which overall Office character her personality is the most similar to. Find out her answers and her favorite orange peeling hack in the video above.

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