Six great, appropriately named recipes for a Game of Thrones viewing party.

By Noah Kaufman
Updated May 23, 2017
Chicken Fingers with Tomato-Jalapeño Sauce

This Sunday, Game of Thrones comes back for its fourth season. It’s the most viewing-party-worthy event of the year so far. That means that when people come over you’ll need food and you’ll need drinks. Here, some appropriate recipes that we've renamed for the occasion.

Bowls of Brown
Ok, this one doesn’t exactly belong at Flea Bottom. It’s from Jacques Pépin.

The Meader Made
Finally, a use for all that mead you’ve been keeping in the great hall.

Chicken Littlefingers
Like the man himself, the jalapeño sauce can sneak up on you.

Red Wedding Cake
A cake colored with the blood of the Starks. (Actually, it’s colored with beets.)

The Golden Dragon
A drink fit for the Mother of Dragons. You probably don’t want to mess with her after she’s had a couple of these.

Jon Snow Peas with Pancetta and Pecorino
We know something and that is that this salad is fantastic.