Here are some of the best sales and discounts we found on kitchen appliances and cookware online.

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For anyone who prefers to drink their tea, coffee, and other hot drinks through a straw (to avoid stained teeth, now you know) but is simultaneously concerned about the possibility of heat leaching chemicals from flimsy plastic and feels guilty about straws as plastic waste, well, have we got the on-sale product for you. These reusable heat-tested silicone straws

are reusable, come in a four-pack, and are on sale right now for $5.75 (down from $10.95).

Avid campers and anyone who's packed a go-bag might be interested in this portable water filtration straw

that comes embedded with a filter that can clean up to 1,500 liters. It's on sale today for $16 (down from $30).

Grilling out this summer and cooking up lots of meat for your family and guests? Make sure you're getting things to the right temperature with this ThermoPro meat thermometer

, the top-selling food thermometer on Amazon. It's on sale today for $15.29 (down for $29.99).

We've all heard plenty in the news lately about how our use of disposable plastic has leeched back into our food chain—and we're now eating fish and salts that contain remnants of plastics humans have discarded in years past. It's not great. But one way we can try to mitigate this problem for future generations is by reducing the amount of waste we create. As a plastic bag alternative, consider this set of reusable silicone food bags

, which are air-tight and come in a set of four (on sale today for $15.63, down from $18).

There's a good argument for most home kitchens to have more than one size colander on hand—for different purposes, like straining small things (grains) or large things (pastas and salads). If storage is an issue, consider collapsible colanders. This collapsible, stackable colander set

is currently on sale for $11 (reduced from $30).

If you want to eschew colanders completely, consider this snap-n-strain by Kitchen Gizmo

—it's a clip-on strainer that fits most pots. It's on sale today for $12.99.

Having guests over and don't want them cavorting around the garden with your good wine glasses? Consider investing in these reusable shatterproof wine and cocktail glasses

, which come in a set of 12 and are on sale today for $11.

If you hate keeping plastic baggies full of fresh fruits and vegetables in your fridge, consider these Rubbermaid FreshWorks food storage containers

, which claim to keep fruits and veg fresh for much longer. This two-piece small-large set is on sale today for $17 (down from $20).

Baking or grilling your own pizzas this summer? Achieve a superior crust result with this Crustina pizza stone

, which is currently on sale for $25.45 (down from $80).

One of the most-searched for questions in food media is "How do you clean a cast iron pan?" Well, here's one product that's a great answer. The LauKingdom cast iron cleaner

is made from chain mail—yes, that stuff that knights used to wear back in the day. It's on sale right now for $15 (reduced from $50) and will help keep your cast iron pan clean for a long time.