This handy graphic will help you select the right spud for the job.

potato differences
Credit: © Arielle Cifuentes

Whether red, yellow, purple or brown, potatoes are an all-seasons staple in the produce department. But not every potato is created equal, so if you need a little tutoring on your tubers here’s a handy guide to the important aspects of your typical grocery store spuds.

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Color, size and shape aside, it’s what’s inside that counts. Starch content and texture make the different between fluffy potatoes that mash up easily and denser, creamier potatoes that hold their shape when boiled, steamed or roasted for soups and salads. And “new” potatoes get a special shout out, due to the fact that the more common potatoes you’ve likely been buying are stored and aged to set their skin and improve shelf life. Take a look below and pick the perfect potatoes for any dish.