Biscuit bowls make the perfect container for fruit, ice cream and more.

Justin Chapple, Food & Wine Deputy Test Kitchen Editor and a fountain of Mad Genius Tips, is here to improve your strawberry shortcake. When you go into the grocery store they always sell premade shortcakes along with the strawberries. “I love the combination," Justin says, "but I do have an issue with it. Those cakes are never big enough.”

Mad Genius that he is, Justin has invented a perfect alternative: the Biscuit Bowl. To start, you’ll need two things: your favorite store-bought biscuit dough (we’re talking the kind in the foil tube) and two muffin tins, inverted so the cups are pointing upwards. Place one biscuit in each corner of one of your tins, lying flat on top of the cups. Then, place the second inverted muffin tin gently on top of the first and push down slightly to start shaping the biscuit dough.

Bake at 350 degrees for 12-15 minutes—“I know that they’re ready,” says Justin, “because you can see that they’re puffed and golden on the edges.” When you remove the top muffin tin, you’ll see that the stacked muffin cups have molded the dough into a basket of crispy, buttery goodness. At this point, says Justin, “they’re begging for a little cream and a little strawberry.”

He adds some whipped cream and sliced berries, topping with almonds for some crunch. But we can see endless uses for these biscuit bowls—fill them with peaches and cream, build a sundae on top of them, or even use them as a base for a portable breakfast-for-dinner situation. Done in a matter of minutes, Justin’s “shortcake” might be the easiest dessert of all time (or at least, tied with his waffle-iron brownies)—with the added bonus of almost no cleanup. Justin puts it best: “Who needs a fork when you can eat it like a cupcake?”

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