"Tons of crispy edges and the perfect amount of glaze."

“What if I told you you’d been making meatloaf wrong every single time?” This is the question posed by Deputy Test Kitchen Editor Justin Chapple in the latest edition of Mad Genius Tips. We know, no one likes to be told they’re doing something wrong, but the mistake you’ve likely been making probably didn’t occur to you because it’s so basic: You’ve been making your meatloaf using the same standard rectangular pan your mom and your grandma taught you to make it with. Justin’s suggestion? Pull out a Bundt pan instead. The simple switch of equipment, he says, will give your meatloaf so much more surface area. “And more surface area,” says Justin, “means more crispy edges.” To get those crispy edges, just throw your Bundt pan meatloaf in the oven at 375 for about an hour.

But those crispy edges are just one of the benefits of the Bundt Pan. The excess surface area also gives you ample opportunity to glaze the meatloaf all over. Once it comes out of the oven, turn it out on to a rimmed baking sheet. Then, instead of just glazing the top, as you would if you were using a rectangular loaf pan, you can coat the entire thing. Justin prefers a mix of ketchup and Sriracha that caramelizes nicely after just a few minutes under the broiler. Try it and we bet you’ll have the same reaction as he does: “Tons of crispy edges, the perfect amount of glaze, and just like I promised—This is the best new way to make meatloaf.” And all thanks to one simple pan.

This will work with any meatloaf recipe, but if you want to try Justin’s, we’ve got his recipe for spicy, glazed meatloaf right here. And for more Mad Genius kitchen tips check out Food & Wine every Monday or foodandwine.com/madgenius.