Featuring tips on everything from which cut to choose and how much to buy to how to prep, cook and carve, the Roast Perfect app makes it easy to create show-stopping holiday roasts.
Credit: Sklar, Evan/Getty Images

Cooking big cuts of meat for a crowd takes time, not to mention a pretty hefty budget—so there really isn’t room for error. Luckily, Certified Angus Beef created the Roast Perfect app, which removes the guess work and makes it easy to make foolproof holiday roasts at home. Chef Michael Ollier and the culinary team at CAB took all of the most commonly asked questions from consumers and channeled them into this comprehensive app. To perfect the cooking instructions for temps that range from rare to well done, the team roasted over 1,000 pounds of beef, tracking every last detail in a series of spreadsheets. They even called their friends at nearby Smucker’s and put the eight ovens in that company’s test kitchen into service.

The app includes a timer that breaks down the cooking process into searing, roasting and resting time and is calculated down to the minute based on weight and cut. Ollier recommends using a thermometer as well to ensure that meat is cooked exactly as intended. He also stresses the importance of resting meat before serving it. “We generally recommend that people rest a roast for 10 to 20 minutes–about 10 minutes for roasts under four pounds, 15 minutes for four to ten pounds and about 20 minutes over ten pounds. Tent it loosely with foil. If you wrap it too tightly, it could overcook,” Ollier says.

When deciding what size roast to buy Ollier reminds cooks that a roast will lose weight during cooking. “Cooking it to well done can result in as much as a 20 percent loss, while cooking to a rare temperature means about a 10 percent reduction in weight,” he says.

The Roast Perfect app just got some enhancements including additional videos and new photos to help illustrate exactly what rare, medium rare, etc. looks like:

Credit: Courtesy Certified Angus Beef

The free app is available on iTunes and Google Play.