Pro Chef vs. Foodie: $40 Thanksgiving Challenge

On this Thanksgiving special episode of Beat the Receipt, chef Fermín Nuñez and challenger Joey Camasta have to cook three-course Thanksgiving meals on a budget.

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Beat the Receipt is the only affordable cooking challenge that gives a pro chef and a food influencer $20 each to shop for and cook a meal for two using the same main ingredient. As the challengers try to stay under $20, the pressure is on with shopping and cooking plans changing on the fly. Beat the Receipt is the perfect show for anyone who loves to improvise at the market and in the kitchen, or wants to learn some amazing affordable recipes.

In this special Thanksgiving episode, chef Fermín Nuñez (who you may know from Chefs at Home) faces off against challenger Joey Camasta (who you may know from Beat the Receipt). The challenge? Create a Thanksgiving meal—one main dish, one side, and one dessert—that serves four. Instead of the usual $20, both are given $40 to pick up all of the ingredients they need (excluding the one free budget breaker they're allowed). Camasta goes for pork rollatini, butternut squash puree, and apple tarts; Nuñez makes brick chicken, roasted butternut squash, and ice cream sandwiches. Both beat their receipts—watch how the meals come together in the video above.

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