Pro Chef vs. Foodie: $20 Shrimp Challenge

Chef Grace Ramirez and challenger Christy Wang star in this week’s episode of Beat the Receipt.

Beat the Receipt is the only affordable cooking challenge that gives a pro chef and a food influencer $20 each to shop for and cook a meal for two using the same main ingredient. As the challengers try to stay under $20, the pressure is on with shopping and cooking plans changing on the fly. Beat the Receipt is the perfect show for anyone who loves to improvise at the market and in the kitchen, or wants to learn some amazing affordable recipes.

After kicking off 2021 with a Beat the Receipt pork challenge, this week's star ingredient is shrimp. Chef Grace Ramirez and challenger Christy Wang only have $20 to make a meal for two—Ramirez goes with seared shrimp tostadas, while Wang opts for shrimp chow fun. Ultimately, both contestants were able to beat the receipt and pull off delicious meals. Watch the full episode above to see how they did it.

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