Beat the Receipt: $20 Pie Challenge

Natasha Pickowicz and Bryan Ford face off in this week’s episode of Beat the Receipt.

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Beat the Receipt is the only affordable cooking challenge that gives a pro chef and a challenger $20 each to shop for and cook a meal for two using the same main ingredient. As they try to stay under $20, the pressure is on with shopping and cooking plans changing on the fly. Beat the Receipt is the perfect show for anyone who loves to improvise at the market and in the kitchen, or wants to learn some amazing affordable recipes.

Following a shrimp challenge last week, this week's episode of Beat the Receipt is all about pie, featuring chef Natasha Pickowicz and New World Sourdough author Bryan Ford. Pickowicz decides to make a giant veggie-packed turnover, filled with kale and potato, while Ford prepares alligator sausage hand pies, which also include smoked Gouda and get finished with some remoulade sauce. Both of them manage to beat their receipts and pull off delicious pies—watch the full episode above to see how they did it.

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