The inimitable Thomas Keller stopped by F&W HQ today with mentee Lena Kwak, The French Laundry star who created Cup4Cup gluten-free flour. The duo made pizza waffles—no joke, and they were insanely delicious—with the brand's new pancake-and-waffle mix and brought a range of other sweet and savory snacks, including empanadas, brownies (made with a new g-f mix) and pecan sandies, a favorite of chef Keller's mother. He recalled his youthful hijinks related to that cookie: "As children growing up, pecan sandies weren’t really at the top of our list. We wanted Oreos or chocolate chip cookies or Nutter Butters. But the pecan sandies were my mother’s favorite, and she would hide them at the highest part of the cabinet. When we would run out of our favorite cookies, we would tear the kitchen apart searching for the pecan sandies. Because at the end of the day, any cookie will do."

To wit, Keller and Kwak emphasize that the flour can de-gluten any childhood favorite. Cookie Week notwithstanding, our nostalgic obsession this afternoon had to be the better-than-Hostess mini cupcakes, filled with mascarpone frosting and topped with the requisite squiggle. Find that recipe and others on Cup4Cup's website.