It took a Tasting & Testing assignment (just wait for the May issue!!) for me to find the perfect cupcake carrier—one that transports enough cupcakes to feed a New York City-public-school size class (more than 24). After years of digging out shirt boxes or aluminum roasting pans, always at 8:00 in the morning, just as my kids are heading out the door, I've most thankfully found the ideal solution.
The carrier is a little bulky, but is the most efficient (and pretty and relatively inexpensive) way of hauling 36 standard-size cupcakes—even ones with an oversize pile of butter cream—without them teetering or toppling over. Plus the cupcake tiers are removable, making room for a large 3-layer birthday cake (with candles) or 9 x 13 inch sheet cake. I figure that after two more birthdays (for each of my two kids) and a picnic or two, the carrier will pay for itself.