I’ve long been a fan of whoopie pies, those luscious handpies made by sandwiching fluffy, marshmallow-like filling in between two chocolate-cake disks. A good whoopie pie is a cross between a Devil Dog (always too dry for my taste) and a Suzy Q, if you’ve ever tried those before. I don’t see whoopie pies too much, but I was reminded of how much I like them when I ate at Hook in Washington, DC. The pastry chef there, Heather Chittum, makes a dessert called Tic Tac Toe. She creates the board with chocolate sauce on a plate, then places two mini pies strategically on the board for the O’s. The X is a crispy vanilla shortbread cookie. How fun for me! I wish, however, that she had given me and my date each several X’s and O’s, so we could actually play the game...and get a little bit more dessert, too (sharing one of my tiny little whoopie pies was a bit of a downer).

We’ve tested some awesome whoopie pies from cookbooks in the last few years, so if you’re itching to make whoopie pies (or maybe play a winner-eat-all game of tic-tac-toe), our favorite recipes come from The Weekend Baker, by Abigail Johnson Dodge, and from The King Arthur Flour Cookie Companion.