The only complaint I have about my KitchenAid stand mixer (or any stand mixer, for that matter... and I have quite a few) is that the paddle attachment makes so little contact with the bottom of the bowl that I have to pull out my rubber spatula to scrape it all together. The bowl is deep, so my hand inevitably gets covered in batter (or buttercream, or cookie dough...what have you). Imagine my excitement when I opened a package (unsolicited, of course) from a PR firm and found BeaterBlend+, a paddle attachment designed specifically to solve that very problem. The sides of the beater are lined with rubber so every rotation makes contact. To put it to the test, I made a carrot cake with cream-cheese frosting. The batter—but especially the frosting—was so well blended that the only time I pulled out my spatula was to scrape the mixture into another bowl. I actually was so pleased that I called over my kitchen coworker Melissa Rubel to have a look. (She was impressed.)