Ayesha Curry Has the Best Use for Overripe Bananas

At the first-ever Food & Wine Classic at Home, Curry prepared a super-simple dessert: banana fritters with rum sauce.

Banana bread has gotten a lot of love these past few months as people stress-bake quick breads, but the versatile overripe banana shines in other dishes, too. At the Food & Wine Classic at Home, Ayesha Curry whipped up her favorite vehicle for those super sweet bananas you need to use up fast: banana fritters with a chocolatey rum sauce.

The recipe, which was first published in her new magazine Sweet July, requires "minimal ingredients but is packed full of flavors," Curry says. And if your bananas aren't overripe yet, fret not. As Curry shows in her demo, you can pop them into a 350 degree over for 15 minutes to get them nice and sweet, before mashing them with milk, flour, brown sugar, baking soda, and baking powder until a wet dough forms.

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"It's totally fine if it's not smooth and a little bit chunky," she says. "I actually like that bite when I fry up my fritters."

After heating half an inch of canola oil to around 350 degrees in a deep skillet (you can do it in a Dutch oven or fryer, too), she uses a quarter measuring cup to pop in the batter, cooking the fritters for two minutes on each side.

Curry also prepares a chocolatey rum sauce to drizzle on top, which is flavored with a bit of her homemade vanilla. She does her best Ina Garten impression to clarify an important point: "If you don't have homemade vanilla you can use store-bought. I love me some Ina Garten."

To get the Banana Fritters recipe, and all the recipes from the Classic at Home, click here.

After taking place for almost 40 years in Aspen, Colorado, the Food & Wine Classic went digital this year. The two-hour fundraising event, which raised over $28,000 for charity, still featured many of our favorite chefs, drinks experts, and food personalities, including Curry, Jacques Pépin, Stephanie Izard, JJ Johnson, and Martha Stewart, who closed out the event in a very Martha fashion: with a massive homemade cocktail.

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