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Updated June 23, 2017
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Sous vide has had a big year. Restaurants everywhere adore how the cooking method gently produces consistent results and home cooks can now master the art with home sous vide tools. In fact, sous vide recipes are up 191% on Pinterest making it one of the top trending categories of the year, according to Pinterest 100.

Chef Andrew Zimmern created his own Pinterest board of how to master the art of sous vide, including perfecting roast, sous vide-style eggs, even desserts like creme brulee.

"Sous vide cookery is safe, convenient and easy. Cooking inside of a sealed container allows you to lock in flavors, juices and fats unlike any other technique. It's a foolproof method of cooking your favorite foods with precise temperature control. It's also extremely versatile — from beef and salmon to vegetables and sauces, you can cook practically anything perfectly every time. Really, the only thing you can't cook with a sous vide machine is popcorn. And what used to cost restaurants thousands of dollars to achieve, you can now do for the cost of a good saute pan."

And just in time for the holidays, Zimmern shared with us his sous vide recipe for duck with duck, juniper berries and oranges. Perfect for Christmas or New Year's eve dinner, this recipe is certain to wow your guests.

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