Celebrate the German festival with juicy bratwurst.

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Updated June 27, 2017
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Oktoberfest is here! Grab a beer and cook up a platter of delicious sausages.

Sautéed German Sausages with Bacon and Apple Sauerkraut

Juicy bratwurst’s perfect mate is a side of tangy braised sauerkraut.

Smoked Pork Sausage with Hard-Cider Sauce

This homey dish pairs smoky grilled pork sausages with sweet-and-tangy cider sauce and caraway-flecked broccoli.

Sausages with Grilled-Onion Chowchow

Both the sausages and the chunky relish are grilled in this dish.

Both the sausages and the chunky relish are grilled in this dish.


Any type of sausage is delicious with smoky, spicy chowchow.

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Pan-Seared Sausages with Apples

This is the perfect way to eat sausages in the fall.

Bratwurst with Mustardy Fried Potatoes and Braised Cabbage

Tender, citrus-spiced, glazed red cabbage takes the place of the traditional sauerkraut in this vibrant dish.

Grilled Brats and Onions with Parsley Sauce

The bright, lemony parsley sauce is incredible with grilled bratwursts.

Sausage Mixed Grill

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Any and all sausages are welcome in this delicious feast. We like to use breakfast sausage, weisswurst and either hot or sweet Italian sausage.

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Load up on a variety of sausages including traditional German weisswurt for a huge grilled feast.

Garlicky Broccoli Rabe with Sausage and Peppers


This vegetable-heavy dish is a surprisingly healthy way to prepare sausages.

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Smoked Sausage-and-Sauerkraut Soup

The beauty of this soup is its simplicity: There’s no browning involved; the ingredients just simmer together in one pot.

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Spicy Stewed Sausages with Three Peppers