Here, nine terrific Middle Eastern recipes to make and get a jump on the trend.


We asked chefs to peek into their crystal balls and tell us what foods we’ll be talking about in the next five years. Here’s what they predicted.

“At the beginning of the Iraq wars, I thought Middle Eastern food would be popular, as the military brings back food trends,” says Seattle chef Tom Douglas. “I’m interested in ingredients like Aleppo pepper and sumac. They’re popular now, but will be more so in five years.” Here, nine terrific Middle Eastern recipes to make and get a jump on the trend.

1. Iraqi Lamb and Eggplant Stew with Pitas
This sweet and tangy Middle Eastern stew is made with falling-apart tender lamb.

2. Turkish Lettuce Wraps
Rich and luscious sesame sauce is key to these quick Middle Eastern-flavored lettuce cups.

3. Persian Chicken Stew
This fantastic stew is a take on khoresht fesenjan, a classic Persian stew made with pomegranate juice and walnuts.

4. Molokhia with Spice Chicken
Molokhia gets its name from a dark leafy green of the same name, which develops an okra-like viscosity when cooked.

5. Shakshuka with Fennel and Feta
Often known in Italy as Eggs in Purgatory, this baked egg dish is perfect for any meal of the day.

6. Eggplant and Lentil Stew with Pomegranate Molasses
This hearty vegetarian stew is layered with eggplant, tomatoes, lentils, chopped onions and garlic.

7. Golden Basmati Rice with Apricots
This luxe rice, studded with apricots and crisp apple, is inspired by an ancient Persian dish that was made for the royal court.

8. Grilled Lamb Shwarma
Shwarma, thin slices of roasted meat and condiments that are often wrapped in a pita, is a popular street food throughout the Middle East. Here, it’s made with simply grilled butterflied leg of lamb.

9. Grilled Middle Eastern Meatballs
Pass crisp lettuce leaves and tangy yogurt with these cumin-spiced patties and assemble them at the table.