These recipes call for just five ingredients or less; dinner will be served in no time.

By F&W Editors
Updated June 19, 2017
Mixed Pepper Pasta

A rich and delicious pasta sauce doesn’t have to be laborious (see Justin Chapple’s latest trick for making a quick no-cook tomato sauce!). Try one of these nine excellent sauces the next time you’re whipping up a bowl of pasta. The recipes call for just five ingredients or less; dinner will be served in no time.

1. Roasted Tomato Sauce
Tom Colicchio’s delicious sauce is a simple puree of tomato halves, garlic and tomato juices.

2. Ziti with Roquefort Sauce
You’ll want nothing more with this full-flavored pasta than a green salad or, in season, plain sliced tomatoes.

3. Pasta with Fresh Tomatoes and Grilled Scallions
A quick puree of scallions, tomatoes and olive oil creates a delicious sauce for this three-ingredient recipe.

4. Mixed Pepper Pasta
F&W's Kay Chun cooks a mound of sweet peppers with onion and garlic, then tosses them with tomatoes and parsley for this hearty vegetarian pasta sauce.

5. Quick Southern Italian Tomato Sauce
This is one of the quickest and most humbly delicious tomato sauces you can make. You can sieve it and use it as a basic sauce for all manner of dried pasta. Unsieved, it is very chunky and thick and thus suitable for ribbon or strand pasta cuts or short macaroni cuts, such as pennette (short quills), or medium shells.

6. Sausage and Broccoli Rabe Sauce
Both the sharp, bitter flavor of broccoli rabe and its vitamins are best preserved by steaming, but if you prefer a milder flavor blanch it first.

7. Pasta with Robiola and Truffles
This indulgent first course marries three of Italy's best ingredients: egg pasta, winter truffles and Robiola Rocchetta, a creamy cheese from northern Italy, which forms the base for an incredibly rich sauce.

8. Penne with Triple Tomato Sauce
This thick and creamy sauce uses tomatoes in three forms—fresh, sun-dried and paste.

9. Tortellini with Garlic Sage Butter Sauce
Leaves of fresh sage sautéed in golden-brown butter form a classic Italian pasta sauce. Our version uses ground sage, so you can make it any time of the year. We've added a generous amount of garlic, too. Slowly cooking it in the butter mellows its pungency, but you can also use fewer cloves if you prefer.