Up your french fry game.

By F&W Editors
Updated May 23, 2017

Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside and the best friend ketchup ever had, french fries certainly deserve a day of praise. That day is today. It’s National French Fries Day! So take the time to celebrate them by giving them a tasty makeover. Here, 8 DIY french fry upgrades.

1. Thrice-Cooked

What's the secret to April Bloomfield's amazing fries? Boiling makes the potatoes tender; double-frying makes them insanely crispy.

April Bloomfield’s incredible thrice-cooked fries have a cult following at The Breslin. That’s because she boils them (to make them extra tender), then double-fries them for an insanely crispy exterior.

2. Topped with Roasted Garlic

Thick-cut, skin-on oven fries are delicious served with buttery cloves of roasted garlic.

3. Dusted with Japanese Seasoning

Toss fries with a blend of noir flakes and the tingly spice mix shichimi togarashi for an umami-packed snack.

4. Poutine-Style

Top fries with melted cheese and gravy for a homemade poutine, or Americanize the classic Canadian dish by topping fries with spicy pimento cheese, andouille gravy and seafood like crawfish, crab or shrimp.

5. Stir-Fried

Peruvians stir-fry strips of steak and french fries for their classic dish, lomo saltado.

6. Tossed with Cheese and Herbs

For a somewhat healthier french fry, bake them in the oven then toss them with minced garlic, fresh herbs and a little bit of grated Pecorino Romano.

7. Late Night Korean-Style


Let’s venture away from the typical pigs in blankets and bowls of pretzels shall we? Experiment with these tasty, more original snacks. From one-pot sticky chicken wings to bacon-bourbon brownies, here are 22 innovative game day snacks.

Austin food truck Chi’Lantro serves a famous late-night snack of hot french fries with caramelized kimchi, grilled Korean-style bulgogi beef and a mayonnaise spiked with Sriracha.

8. Ultra-Cheesy


To take his french fries over the top, chef Jonathon Sawyer broils them with a tequila-spiked pimento cheese topping, which is also great as a dip.