Delicious pasta ideas from the pros. 

By F&W Editors
Updated May 23, 2017
Black-and-White Pici Pasta with Squid and Shellfish

In celebration of the new class of F&W Best New Chefs we’re celebrating with recipes from past BNCs. Here, eight ideas from F&W BNCs on how to make a better bowl of pasta.

1. Artistic
F&W BNC 2014 Eli Kulp uses freshly made, toothsome black-and-white pici noodles in his beautifully striking seafood pasta.

2. Risotto-style
Stirring rich chicken stock into pasta one ladleful at a time creates a deliciously creamy dish. F&W BNC 1995 Terrance Brennan likes to use a tube-shaped pasta called ditalini, but any small cut works.

3. Extra-smoky
F&W BNC 2008 Gerard Craft finishes his pork pappardelle with a sprinkling of smoked salt for a surprise, smoky flavor.

4. With an unorthodox meat
Johnny Moonis (an F&W BNC 2007) makes an incredible ragù with slow-roasted baby goat.

5. Crispy and crunchy
F&W BNC 2012 Dan Kluger adds crunch to his delicious shrimp and tomato spaghetti with lemon-chile breadcrumbs.

6. Luxe
Caviar and littleneck clams make this chilled pasta from F&W BNC 2002 Fabio Trabocchi an elegant first course.

7. NYC deli-inspired
F&W BNCs 2012 Rich Torrisi and Mario Carbone put a clever twist on their gnocchi by using deli pastrami in the sauce.

8. With offal
Corey Lee (an F&W BNC 2012) uses chicken livers to make extra-rich and silky sauce for fresh fettuccine.