Late-summer figs are sweet, plump, and packed with flavor—here's how to make the most of them. 

By F&W Editors
Updated September 03, 2019

From amazing grilled pizza to superfast crostini, here are seven ways to take advantage of all those delicious late-summer figs at the farmers' market.

1. Pizza

© Anson Smart

This delicious grilled pizza is topped with creamy gorgonzola and sweet fig chunks.

2. Salad

Chef Tim Byres's healthy salad combines plump, juicy grilled figs and a quick fig jam. Or try this sweet-savory summer fruit salad with ripe green or black figs.

3. Tarts

Chestnut honey gives this beautiful fig-and-raspberry tart a spicy kick.

4. Crostini

Have 5 minutes? Top crispy toasted baguette with ricotta, salami and fig.

5. Muffins

These delicious yogurt-spelt breakfast muffins are swirled with a syrup made from fresh figs and Marsala wine. Or try these tender fig-studded cornbread muffins.

And how about some fig jam to eat with those muffins? This super simple fig jam recipe—just figs, sugar and lemon juice—can be easily upgraded with white port and rosemary for an extra special treat. (For extra flavor, substitute 1/2 cup of white port for the water and add one 4-inch sprig of rosemary with the lemon juice.)

6. Cake

"I snagged this dessert from my Scandinavian grandmother," says chef Mehmet Gürs of this fantastic raspberry-and-fig cake. Or make this versatile lemon upside-down cake, which is great with any type of fruit.

7. Clafoutis

F&W Best New Chef '14 Matthew Accarrino's take on the classic French dessert features juicy fresh black mission figs and port-infused whipped cream.