Learn how to master this amazing fish preparation.

By F&W Editors
Updated June 22, 2017

Baking a whole fish in a salt crust makes it insanely moist and delicate and leaves it perfectly seasoned—plus the presentation is stunning. From succulent branzino to beautiful snapper with eggplant-raisin puree, here are seven fantastic ways to salt-bake fish.

1. Salt Baked Whole Fish

This easy, foolproof recipe from chef and fish expert Dave Pasternack makes a moist and perfectly salt-baked fish every time.

2. Salt-Baked Trout

Pickled onions make a fast, tart, crunchy sauce for this fantastic salt-baked trout.

3. Salt-Baked Branzino with Zucchini Pistou

© Chris Court

Star chef Thomas Keller serves this fish with a chunky zucchini-basil pistou—Provence's version of pesto—and lemony cherry tomatoes.

4. Salt-Baked Whole Fish with Fennel and Olives

It's rosé season and this recipe is rosé's best friend.

5. Salt-Baked Salmon with Prosecco Butter Sauce


Salmon roast—a large chunk cut from the widest end of the fish (right behind the head) stars in this excellent recipe. This very flavorful part of the fish comes with skin and bones, which keep the salmon moist as it bakes inside its protective crust of salt mixed with egg white.

6. Salt-Crusted Snapper with Eggplant-Raisin Puree

Top Chef Season 6 winner Michael Voltaggio says fish in a salt-crust is sexy.

7. Salt-Baked Branzino with Citrus, Fennel and Herbs

Manhattan club and restaurant manager Artan Gjoni loves this succulent fish recipe from his native Montenegro.

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