Here, teeny, tiny foods that will make you feel like you’re Alice and you just ate an enchanted bite of cake.

By F&W Editors
Updated May 23, 2017
Mini Burgers & Crispy Onion Rings
Credit: © Wendell T. Webber

This Saturday, high-tech chefs like Grant Achatz, Richard Blais and Dave Arnold will take the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen down the rabbit hole with a wonderland of futuristic foods. You don’t have to break out the smoke machines or centrifuges to experience an alternative reality at home. Instead, just make these teeny, tiny foods and you’ll feel like you’re Alice and you just ate an enchanted bite of cake.

1. Mini Burgers
These little burgers are extra juicy because they’re made with a mixture of ground chuck and short rib.

2. Mini Pea Pancakes
The batter for these delicate pancakes is made with pureed sweet peas for a sweet, spring-y flavor.

3. Mini Calzones
The perfect party or game-day snack, these mini calzones can be stuffed with any combination of seasoned ricotta, pepperoni and pesto.

4. Mini Spinach-Feta Pies
Store-bought puff pastry makes easy work of these adorable spinach-and-feta puffs.

5. Mini Brioche Lobster Rolls
Even though these lobster rolls are smaller than usual, they are quite substantial and filling.

6. Mini Black-Bottom Cheesecakes
Use a muffin tin to make these brilliant little jam-topped cheesecakes.

7. Grilled Mini Meat Loaves
Made with just six ingredients, these individual meat loaves are stuffed with cubes of fresh mozzarella that become warm and gooey.